A1S36 Optoelectronic Sensor


Sensor A1S36 for use in difficult conditions, for example in wet areas

The BRAUN Optoelectronic Sensor Series A1S36P is designed for various applications with smooth or profiled targets: a dot of paint on a shaft is adequate to start measurements. Likewise, a fan blade, a screw head, a slot, or a cam will serve. Our high reflecting adhesive tape U1A006 helps with difficult applications. The Function does not depend on the target material. Therefore, no load influence on the object.

The A1S36P sensors are specially designed for difficult conditions or in heavy-duty ambiances, such as the wet section of paper machines, or automotive tests on the road by virtue of its enhanced light beam and tight cable connection. The version A1S36WP35 specifically addresses narrow space applications by its short shaft and its angled cable output.
The sensing distance is widely dependent on the contrast and reflection grade of the target. Recommended 1-10 cm for the A1S36P. It is not affected by the luminescent light ambiance.

Key Features

  • Sensing distance up to 10 cm
  • Frequency range 10 Hz…15 kHz (1 million RPM)
  • Easy and quick to use, only in connection with our portable tachometers C118
  • Further flexibility via optional extension cable available up to 30 meters
  • Operating temperature 0…50 °C


  • Flexible use and easy handling
  • Easy adjustment to the application due to mobile use
  • Sensors can be connected directly via plug-in or via a flexible extension cable

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