Cyber security information and notifications

BRAUN attaches great importance to IT security in industrial plants. With BRAUN, you keep everything under control – from the hardware, to the operating system, your network and even the programming environment. This is precisely the basic principle behind BRAUN’s solutions.

With BRAUN protection systems, the processor and communication are separated from each other. This protects against unwanted access from the programming environment to the automation network.

We ourselves have our IT security audited by external companies at regular intervals in order to have the greatest possible protection against cyber-attacks on our own infrastructure.

BRAUN reviews all reports of security incidents or potential vulnerabilities related to our products, solutions or services.

Security vulnerabilities in Log4j: BRAUN is not affected

01/27/2022: After thoroughly investigating the potential significance of the security vulnerabilities in the Log4j library (CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046), we can now confirm that none of our products are affected by these vulnerabilities.

To report a security vulnerability to BRAUN, please mail to: