Single Channel Speed Monitor series D521 for increased safety requirements up to SIL1

  • Monitor with sensor monitoring and self-test function with plausibility check
  • 5-digit red LED display
  • Frequency range 0 Hz...50 kHz
  • Universal Signal Input, also for Magnetic Pick-Up sensors (MPUs)
  • 1 Analog Output 0/4…20 mA or 0/2…10 V (for versions D521.10, D521.12, D521.14)
  • 2 Alarm Outputs as SPDT relays (for versions D521.02, D521.04, D521.12, D521.14)
  • 2 Alarm Outputs as PhotoMOS relays (for versions D521.04, D521.14)
  • Square wave Pulse Output
  • USB 2.0 Data Interface
  • Maintenance-free during the lifetime, therefore minimized TCO
  • Two monitors, suitably configured with their Alarm Outputs linked together, may provide a protection system with 1oo2 or 2oo2 redundancy
  • Increased safety with 1oo2 architecture
  • Maximum availability with 2oo2 architecture
  • Universal Power Supply range 20...265 Vuc