D461R1 Isolating Barrier for Ex ia Sensors

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Isolating Barrier for A5S1… Ex ia sensors in Hazardous Areas Zone 0-1

The BRAUN Isolating Barrier D461R1 is ATEX, UKEX, IECEx and KCs certified and approved for other international standards such as UL/CSA. So, it meets the particular requirements of explosion protection areas (zone 0 or 1).
In conjunction with one of our sensors series A5S1…, the Isolating Barrier establishes a highly efficient system to detect speed and/or direction in a hazardous area to supply high-level output signals to the periphery.
The barrier provides an intrinsic safety circuit for the sensor and its cabling and, therefore, does not require Ex d measures.

The signal input is isolated from the signal output. Both are isolated versus the power supply. The signal output of the unit repeats the input pulse signals with push/pull characteristics.
The signal input matches the specifications of the speed sensor series A5S1…, which are approved as intrinsic safety devices to be installed in hazardous area zone 0 or 1.
The sensor supply circuit is monitored, and a fault is signalized.

The barrier unit D461R1 must be installed in a safe (non-hazardous) area or within an explosion-proof (Ex d) enclosure.

Key Features

  • For use in connection with A5S1… Ex ia series sensors
  • Establishes a highly efficient system to detect rotational speed (and direction of rotation) in areas of explosion risk
  • Provides intrinsic safety for the sensor and its cabling
  • Comprehends sensor supply and signal connection
  • Sensor supply monitoring
  • Free-floating, therefore maximum immunity versus EMI
  • Push/pull signal output to subsequent monitors
  • Implementation outside the hazardous area, resp. protected by a pressure-resistant encapsulated housing
  • Certification for
    • ATEX as Ex ia Ga IIC
    • UKEX as Ex ia Ga IIC
    • IECEx as Ex ia Ga IIC
    • KCs as Ex ia Ga IIC
    • QPS / QPSus as Ex ia Ga IIC for Class I, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D according to UL and CSA standards


  • Maintenance-free during Lifetime, therefore minimized TCO
  • No EMI influence compared to Zener barriers
  • No signal degradation compared to Zener barriers
  • Strong signal output to signal evaluation

Product Brochures

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D461R1 Product Brochure English PDF

Technical Manuals

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D461R1.xx Manual English PDF
D461R1.xx Manual PDF

Product Certificates & Declarations of Conformity

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EU Declaration of Conformity English European Union PDF
ATEX EU Type Examination Certificate English European Union PDF
UK Declaration of Conformity English German United Kingdom PDF
UKEX UK Type Examination Certificate English United Kingdom PDF
IECEx Certificate of Conformity English International PDF
NEC/CEC Certificate of Compliance English USA/Canada PDF